Grades K – 2

Kindergarten students working in classroom


Kindergarten is a year of celebrations. It is where we begin the journey of lifelong learning.  Children are beginning to see themselves as readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, and responsible citizens.

As we share about our lives and read about our world, we discover strategies to become independent readers and writers.

Throughout the year, fiction and informational texts guide us through cross-curricular investigations.  We may sketch a pumpkin as artists, dissect it as scientists, and estimate and count its seeds as mathematicians.

Milestones of firsts enhance our journey; including our authors’ celebrations, field trips and school community experiences.

By spring, children have grown into students who are eager and avid learners, who are passionate about sharing ideas and whose voices can inspire.

1st grade students in classroom


In first grade, our students work on developing independence and responsibility, while incorporating the skills needed to be part of a diverse community of learners.  Within the first grade experience, students demonstrate the ability to read, write, comprehend and analyze texts in various genres.

“Reading like writers” is a catch phrase that can often be heard in our classrooms.  Students increase their awareness of audience while finding their voices as writers.  Reading and writing are intertwined within our Units of Study, such as the non-fiction research project, a Making a Difference project, and our interactive Life-Cycle project.  Through these authentic learning experiences and projects, the students begin to organize information and connect it to their world.

In math, first graders develop strategies in addition and subtraction to strengthen their number sense. Our students are working with excitement through hands-on games, small group work, and teacher directed activities.

Class trips add to the fun of our first grade experience.  We enjoy visiting the apple orchard, museums, the environmental center, and the theater!

First grade’s ultimate focus is on developing the whole child while supporting the growth of life-long learners.

2nd grade in classrooms


The second grade’s social and academic focus revolves around COMMUNITY.  We identify community as a place where people live, work, play, and solve problems together.  Therefore, building a cohesive classroom community is paramount in a child’s education.  Our primary objective is to focus on community across the curriculum.

Everyday in our math sessions, TEN reigns king.  A leader in our community of numbers, it is easy to relate to and calculate with, as we express, investigate, and work through our math routines throughout the day.

Our Literacy community works diligently to learn how to communicate our own thinking and the thoughts of other authors and writers!  Practicing reading, writing, listening, and speaking both separately, and collaboratively helps to build and strengthen our communication skills for the good of all. Rich literature, creativity, prior knowledge, and reference materials are the helpful tools we use to help build a robust community of learners.