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WHYY’s Media Labs program is a media instruction partnership with the School District of Philadelphia. Over the course of three years, WHYY has engaged about 4,000 students in 28 schools throughout Philadelphia in hands-on media arts training through the program.

Participating students learn video and audio production, critical thinking, STEM education skills, problem solving, research, develop a strong sense of self-efficacy and are better prepared for a wide variety of workplaces. Students also learn valuable life skills like how to work in teams, how to plan projects, and how to solve difficult problems.

A WHYY media instructor helps to run an after-school documentary or news workshop at each school, teaching students to tell stories about topics that concern them. The instructor also brings WHYY’s tried and true teacher professional development to school, training educators to use media production as a tool in their classrooms.

Teachers trained to use media arts in the classroom through this program are better able to foster student engagement, provide richer, project-based learning and can incorporate the STEM approach across subject area.

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WHYY News Team at PAS !

PAS middle school students work during in-school enrichment classes, as well as in an after school club to create a news show featuring stories about events happening in and around our school.

Check out this great feature from WHYY Media Labs about how PAS students and teachers put together our news productions.

New episodes will be posted below as they are completed.

PAS NEWS – SEASON 3 – Episode 2 SPRING 2021


PAS NEWS – SEASON 3 – Episode 1 – WINTER 2020/2021

Students have continued to work in our after school program to bring you news coverage in our PAS community!

This episode was created during the months of November, December and January by students working remotely to collaborate on our stories.

BREAKING NEWS! February 2021

8th Grader Nate Johnstone brings us an update on our district’s school reopening plan.

PAS NEWS – SEASON 2 – Episode 5 – February 2020

PAS NEWS – SEASON 2 – Episode 6 – March 2020

PAS NEWS – SEASON 2 – Episode 3 – December 2019

PAS NEWS – SEASON 2 – Episode 4 – January 2020

PAS NEWS – SEASON 2 – Episode 1 – October 2019

PAS NEWS – SEASON 2 – Episode 2 – November 2019

PAS NEWS – Episode 1 – October 2018

PAS NEWS – Episode 2 – November 2018

PAS NEWS – Episode 3 – December  2018

PAS NEWS – Episode 4 – January 2019

PAS NEWS – Episode 5  – February 2019

PAS NEWS – Episode 6  – March 2019

PAS NEWS – Episode 7  – April 2019

PAS NEWS – Episode 8 – May 2019

2017 – 2018 School Year Video Productions

Basketball at PAS: This short documentary introduces viewers to the new basketball team at Penn Alexander.

Zombies Episode 1: This video introduces viewers to the various types of zombies that they will encounter in the event of a zombie apocalypse. It also teaches viewers how to defend themselves and defeat the zombies, should such a need arise.

The Gayborhood: This documentary looks at the history of the LGBTQ rights movement in Philadelphia. It was produced by three PAS students and won honorable mention at National History Day.

School Walk Out: This poetic documentary pairs found audio clips from the Parkland School Shooting with footage of the student walk out at PAS. The video includes Penn Alexander student thoughts on gun control.

Dancey Dancey Land: Linkzilla, local YouTube celebrity, asks Penn Alexander students to dance to four carefully chosen songs in this comedic video. Described as “funny” and “silly,” the video shows PAS students at their most lighthearted.

Dwight Evans: Penn Alexander students had the opportunity to interview Congressman Dwight Evans about some of the issues that are important to them.