Penn Alexander School Enrollment Information

Penn Alexander is designated as a neighborhood school by the School District of Philadelphia. As such, children who reside within the PAS catchment area are eligible to attend.


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Grades 1 — 8

Students who live in the Penn Alexander catchment area can register at any point throughout the school year.

To ensure your address is in the catchment please visit the SCHOOL FINDER APP

Students will be enrolled in the order in which they registered. If space is not available, students will be placed on the wait-list in the order in which their school registration documents are submitted. The Office of Student Enrollment and Placement will then provide students on the wait-list with another placement in a school with available space.

A wait-list will be maintained and families will be notified when a seat becomes available.  Penn Alexander will routinely check-in with families on the wait-list to keep updated information, including address and interest in the school.   Penn Alexander will enroll new students as seats become available throughout the year.

Penn Alexander will contact parents of students via phone call offering them the opportunity to enroll. Parents will have 10 days to accept the enrollment. If they do not accept the enrollment, the next student on the wait list will be offered enrollment.

Eligible parents can learn more about the School District of Philadelphia’s registration process for grades 1 to 8 at the Office of Student Enrollment and Placement WEBSITE.

The school will not be able to register students with incomplete applications.